Purchasing A Puppy From Us

Purchasing A Puppy From Us

The purchase of a puppy is a process that entails a huge deal of forethought and research from both parties and obtaining a puppy from us is a process. We don't ever sell a puppy unless we have a RightPaw Application, we have spoken over the phone, our checks are completed and we are comfortable selling you a puppy of ours.

Please understand that we don't appreciate inquires such as one liners of " how much? ", purchasing puppies as a " surprise gift to someone " and the like.
We are providing a new family member for your whole family and our puppy needs to be wanted. We need to feel comfortable in knowing that our puppy is going to live a happy, fulfilled life with an abundance of love and a shortage of nothing.
Our expectations are high and our puppies must be welcomed into a family where they will sleep safely and warm inside the home and not be alone outdoors at any point in time.


Once we have agreed to sell you a puppy, you will be emailed with an offer, at that point we will require a deposit and a purchase contract to be signed.
Please note, for the health and safety of our puppies, visits will not be before the puppies are 6 weeks old. Prior to this time we will provide weekly updates via RightPaw or Facebook Messenger and can organise a Facetime call at a time suitable to both parties to view the puppies and speak in person.

Show Puppies for ourselves are selected from the litter first and foremost and on the rare occasion, this can take us up to 8 weeks to decide exactly which one we want to run on, especially if we are torn between two.
We have many years experience matching families to our puppies and once we have decided who we intend to run on, we will notify families of the pet quality puppies available.

At times we may have slightly older puppies available whereby on a rare occasion, we may run a puppy on for the show ring only for the puppy to be deemed more of a pet quality than show. These puppies are usually well socialised to the outside world and have some form of training including lead training and basic commands.


If you are looking for a puppy please head over to our RightPaw Breeder Profile and click " Join Waitlist " to complete our Puppy Application Form.

Please, if you are not prepared to " Join Our Waitlist " via RightPaw to discuss a puppy then we are not able to proceed.

We only take RightPaw applications in the first instance to gauge an understanding of yourself and your family.